Gurkensalat (German Cucumber Salad) Recipe [paleo, primal, gluten-free]

Gurkensalat (German Cucumber Salad)

The day after the FIFA Women’s World Cup match between Germany and USA (Let’s go, USA!), it felt appropriate to reflect on our recent trip to Germany. In May Heather and I spent almost two weeks there, touring mostly Munich and even spent a day and a half in Berlin. We were also fortunate enough to celebrate a family wedding with Heather’s extended family—the Germans sure know how to throw a wedding. Did you know it’s custom for the best man (in Germany called the First Man) to steal the bride the night of the wedding? We had already sent ourselves to bed, but the bride was indeed “stolen” into town, where the groom had to find her and pay their bar tab. Let’s just say the wedding party was not exactly rested at breakfast the next morning.

Despite being known for heavy meat and potato style dishes, Munich also had plenty of lighter options. We did a lot of shopping at the local grocery stores to be price conscious, and we found a cucumber salad we had to recreate. If you haven’t noticed before, I love cucumber. We have quite a few different cucumber-centric salads on the blog (I’ve made a short list at the bottom of this post), but we think this one really adds to the variety. Traditionally made with dairy, we were able to get the same creaminess without the cow. This recipe improves even more with age, so make a double batch and pack your weekly lunches—you won’t regret it.

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Paleo Takeout: Restaurant Favorites Without the Junk

Paleo Takeout. This may seem like an oxymoron, but I’m really excited to say decidedly it is not. Heather and I have gone almost 7 months without ordering in takeout Chinese or pizza, and this book is our favorite new tool in the toolbox to keep that habit an old one. With recipes ranging from pizza, to chicken nuggets, to miso soup, to gyros, this cookbook has all of the recipes you wish would have been “made paleo” with dozens more you’ve likely never tried. We’ve gotten permission to share one example with you below, and you can even enter to win a copy!

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Greek Cobb Salad Recipe (paleo, primal, gluten-free)

Greek Cobb Salad

Since cleaning up our diet and focusing on real food and paleo, there have been a few steadfast options during dining out. It is usually fair to say that you will be able to find a grilled meat/fish with a side of wilted vegetables or a salad. Many salad with the title “chef’s” or “house” usually have little substance and don’t work as a meal. With the exception of a crab louis salad (best in the bay area), I can reliably count on a Cobb salad without cheese.

That being said, it isn’t often we find a variation on the Cobb, other than an occasional Tex Mex or Asian inspired salad including chipotle or wonton crisps, respectively. This Greek Cobb takes all of the things I love about Cobb salad and mixes it up with what I love most about salad. We think you’re going to like it as well. It will make enough salad for 6-8 servings, so it’s a great weekend or weeknight batch cook salad.

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Beef Kabob Recipe (paleo, primal, gluten-free)

Persian Beef Kabobs

Last week, we shared our take on a cool and refreshing Persian yogurt dish, Mast-o-Khiar, that is perfect on its own or a great side salad. I especially enjoyed it paired with the kabobs that I ate at the Persian restaurant with my mother.

So, when I recreated the Mast-o-Khiar, I knew I had to recreate the kabobs as well. We hope you enjoy this tasty version of meat-on-a-stick (despite it’s less than appetizing shape)!

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Mast-O Khiar [Persian Cucumber-Mint Yogurt] Recipe (paleo, primal, gluten-free)

Mast-o-Khiar (Persian Cucumber Mint Yogurt)

Brent and I flew to and from Germany for vacation last month on Turkish Air via Istanbul. Although the flights were long, they were mostly comfortable and the flight attendants served us plenty of food. I don’t expect airplane food to be tasty, but all three meals on each flight were surprisingly good! One item in particular, the Mast-o-Khiar, caught our attention. I do not typically tolerate dairy well; but the yogurt smelled so fresh, I had to try it. (Guess what—I didn’t have a poor reaction!)

Then, this past weekend, I encountered the slightly sweet cucumber and mint yogurt again while I was with my mother having lunch after my second wedding dress fitting. This time it was a little more soup-like, but the flavor was fantastic. It was just as light, cool, and refreshing as the Mast-o-Khiar on our flight. Our waitress kindly told me the key ingredients, and I knew then that I wanted to recreate it dairy-free at home.

This is great as a snack or light dessert, but even better when it’s served with spiced meats. We have a yummy pairing coming soon (here it is!), so stay tuned! Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of this post to see a sneak peek.

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